The only dog specifically bred for personal protection.
The only dog specifically bred for personal protection.
The only dog specifically bred for personal protection.
The only dog specifically bred for personal protection.

The #1 Breeder Of Doberman Pinschers in the United States


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Desert Legend Dobermans

Supersize Dobermans
This family got 2 Supersize Dobermans from us and you can see that they are good with children. I would say their house is well protected, would you?

Doberman Pinschers for family guard dogs and personal protection. Our Super Size AKC Doberman Pinschers are larger than the "standard" Doberman, but they have the same protective instincts that were bred into this breed. They can be your family's best friend, protector of your children and property.

However, we have Dobermans that can be used for service dogs, protection dogs and estate/executive guard dogs as well. Whether you live in California, Texas, Florida, New York, Canada, the United Kingdom, West Indies or even Europe; we can get you one of these outstanding Dobermans.

Suzan is a conformation expert and has searched the United States, Canada, Europe and Russia to find the proper combination of breeding dogs to provide you with the finest family guard dogs possible. These dogs are still fast, agile and are able to outrun an intruder if needed. The body conformation is such that they are not strung out (stretched out) so they lose their agility because of their size.

A Must Read, Moving Customer Testimonial


Hey, sorry it has been so long since I sent you an update on Damien. He is doing great and still has so much puppy in him. He turned 3 years old in January. If it wasnt for this dog I dont know if I would still be here. This is a little personal for me but one that I can now talk about, and one that I think yall should hear so you know just how special your dogs are.

When Damien was just about 7 or 8 months, I was going through a divorce and had just lost my grandfather, whom had raised me, a couple months prior to that. Times got real bad and my nerves were shot. I had made the decision that I no longer needed to be in this bad place and had locked myself in the bathroom. He heard me crying through the door and kept scratching to get in. See he always went to the bathroom with me, so hearing me cry and not getting an answer from me must have put him on alert. Next thing I know he had broke through the door and jumped in the tub with me where im holding a knife to my wrist. He licks my hand then my face and snaps me out of whatever you want to call that. I never got to make the cut. I owe my life to Damien, Literally. If he hadnt have realized something was wrong and hadnt have been the big pup he was, then I wouldnt be able to tell you this story. This dog has opened me back up to all the possibilities in life and has caused me to cherish all that IS good. That was 2 years ago.

Last year while living in Lexington in not such a great neighborhood, he kept my room mate and myself from being robbed. Two men tried to break in the house while we were sitting in the kitchen and when they got the door open they were met by my beautiful boy. He never had to bark. haha All he did was show his teeth, no growl, and take one step forward. They took off down the road and Damien never left the porch. He stayed close to us until the cops arrived to take our statements. Of course I had to put him up when the cops arrived, they get a little jumpy around He rides with me every where and hes even gotten me out of 2 tickets. The cops and I ended up talking about Damien rather than why I got pulled over.

Now ,we are living back home in safe ol Tennessee, out in the country where we like it. He is a part of our family. My nephews absolutely love him and are more excited to see him than they are me. He thinks he only weighs about 5 pounds so he sits in everybodys laps. Hes larger than my My mom is only 5'2" and around 130 lbs. When Damien lays across her lap, she I am attaching a couple of photos and will be sending some more here soon. I dont have all of them on this computer so I can only send a couple this time around.

Sorry for the depressing story at the top but I really do think it shows what personality of dogs yall are breeding."

Name withheld

Your home is your castle, your family is your treasure.

Their size, gentle nature and excellent conformation make these Dobermans the ideal choice as a guard dog to protect your family or estate. We have sold dogs to celebrities and political figures to protect their assets and families. A Doberman Pincher cannot be bribed or paid off, they are loyal and protect the family they love.

We offer a Dobie for most every need or want. From the fast, agile, athletic dog to the bulky, aggressive one with real knock down power. Check out our testimonials to see how much our customers love their Desert Legend Doberman Pinschers and how they have protected their home from an intruder or their child from a rattlesnake, (these are true stories).

Hello Suzan and Paul,

We just wanted to email you some pics of our little crazy bundle of joy. She is 6 months old and weighs about 55 pounds. We have gotten so many comments on how shiny and beautiful her coat is (thanks to your special food and vitamins). I will attach some pics. Also, we have scheduled her to be spade next week and we wanted to make sure that the timing is okay. Once again, thank you for the fantastic addition to our family, and if a future prospective owner ever wants to talk to someone about your dobies, we would love to let them in on the secret of how great these dogs are.

Thanks again,

Brett, Lyndsay, and Alexis

Everything here is done first class; food, exercise and socialization because you deserve the best. Weather you have a child that needs protection or a disabled or partially disabled person that needs a companion or assistance; our dogs can provide that need. Honesty and integrity is what we live by. Go to the "About Us" page for more information.

We have made it possible for anyone to own one of these SUPERIOR Doberman Pinschers with a variety of payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Pay Pal or a payment plan to fit your budget.

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"Nitro"........ Our pride and joy. A magnificent stud dog that produces fantastic offspring. He has a gentle spirit but is also very protective when the need is there. His bark alone is enough to scare off unwanted intruders. He is the sire of Cajun, Tirzah, Legend and Kona which we have on site as breeding dogs.

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"Legend"......... Another awesome sight! Nitro is the sire of Legend and his mom is Ebony. He has turned out more beautiful than we thought. At just one year old he was 31" at the shoulder and weighed 115#. He will breed with Faith and Daz. Don't be fooled by this picture, he is BIG and still growing.

Click here for more pictures of Legend.

"Viper".......... This may be the most awesome Doberman Pinscher you will ever see. Our vet describes him as the most magnificent Doberman he has ever seen. People that visit our facility say he is more beautiful in person than on the website. He is full bodied and has real knock-down power. He is our featured stud dog now and has a few litters to prove his worth. His puppies have been outstanding and large.

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"Tirzah".......... She is sired by Nitro and mom is Furher. Mom is the "mob boss" and controls everything. Furher is retired and has turned her authority over to Tirzah. She is just 2 years old and is built beautifully. She stands 28" at the shoulders/withers and weighs in at about 90#. She will be bred to Lobster in spring 2007. Lobster is a new addition to our family, from Russia.

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"Nitron".......... This is Nitron, he is another outstanding offspring of Nitro. He is the future and is bigger and more beautiful that the picture indicates, he is only 11 months old here. He will be another one like Viper and exceed 110# and 30" in height. You will not find a more beautiful dog than this guy. We took him in the car and to stores last week for the first time and he was perfect, perfect, perfect. He rode great, went into the stores and did not knock anything over or get into anything. He even looked at us for approval before he took a treat from the store owner. We have never had a dog this perfect the first time away from home. It would take a lot of money to get this guy away from us, do you feel lucky?

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