The only dog specifically bred for personal protection.
The only dog specifically bred for personal protection.
The only dog specifically bred for personal protection.
The only dog specifically bred for personal protection.

The #1 Breeder Of Doberman Pinschers in the United States


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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Why should I choose a Doberman Pinscher as my pet?

A. The Doberman Pinscher is the only dog that was bred for personal protection. With the growing crime concerns in today's world, many people like having a loving dog that will deter home intruders and and be a personal guard dog. Just the presence of a Doberman Pinscher will discourage criminals. Police will tell you the best burglar alarm is a good dog. These dogs will love you and protect you with their life. They are healthy and have short hair for easy grooming.

Many of the people that buy Doberman Pinschers from us have had the breed in the past and are convinced that it is the finest breed to own.

Q. I keep reading on your site that the Doberman Pinscher is the only dog bred for personal protection, what about the German Shepherd?

The German Shepherd, even though is used as K-9 police dogs, was bred to work with sheep. Read the information on the "About Breed" page for the story about the Doberman Pinscher.

Q. Is there a waiting list to buy one of your puppies?

A. If you wait until after the dogs are born before contacting us you probably will not get a puppy. We have some people that reserve a puppy up to one year in advance to be assured of getting the "pick of the litter". About 75% of our puppies are sold before they are born, the rest are sold when we know exactly what colors and sex are in the litter (that is usually within a few days after the puppies birth). We have a pretty good idea what the females will produce. We try not to oversell. If we come up short and cannot supply the proper puppy the deposit will be refunded or moved to another litter.

These puppies are worth the wait!

Q. Why should I buy an A.K.C. registered dog?

A. It's important to know what you are paying for. The A.K.C. has guidelines for breeders. When you get your registration papers you can also request the bloodlines to see where your dog came from. If something changes in your life and you need to find another home for your dog an AKC or CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) registered dog is easier to sell and you will get more money. Breeders have to comply with the A.K.C. guidelines or they cannot register their litters. Beware of backyard breeders, you don't know what you're paying for, these are the dogs that usually cost $200 - $400.

All of our dogs are A.K.C. registered!

Q. Why should I buy a Doberman Pinscher instead of a Rottweiler, Pit Bull  German Shepherd or any other big dog?

A. The Doberman Pinscher was bred for a specific purpose, personal protection (you)! They are one of the top 3 smartest of all dog breeds. Because of their breeding they love and stay focused on you, not other dogs and animals around you. They protect your space from potentially dangerous intruders. Their instincts are superior and they know what is really going on around you. The Doberman was not bred to fight other dogs, like the Pit Bull, they were bred to protect their owner. The Doberman is not used as widely in the military and police force as they used to be, because they are a one person dog and did not adapt well to multiple handlers. An intruder that is in good shape could outrun other dogs (except the Shepherd) but could never outrun a Doberman.

Q. Do your dogs cost more than other Dobermans?

A. No and yes! We often check the market for the current pricing of this breed. We are now about the same price as most other quality AKC Doberman Pinschers on the market, and ours are Super Size. However there are some backyard breeders that have just one or two litters per year, these may be cheaper. Remember, you get what you pay for!

Our dogs are bred for a specific market, people that want a large dog for family protection. Many people that have owned Dobermans in the past have been disappointed about the smaller size of the show dogs. What we have is the LARGE Doberman that is calm and laid back, with the superior Doberman qualities, for these people. If you notice our website, these dogs are for families and are great with children. You get more for your money with a Desert Legend Super Size Doberman Pinscher!

Even though our dogs have excellent conformation, they are not show dogs. They are too large for the AKC show guidelines. We have checked the prices for Doberman Pinschers across the country and found that our dogs are very competitively priced with the show dogs. The Super Size Doberman that we have is very rare, what we have found also that there are many people out there that say their Doberman weighs 120# also, usually what they have is a fat dog. We don't count fat because our dogs are not overweight. There are Big Doberman Pinschers, then there is "Nitro" (our stud dog), he is in a class by himself, check out the pictures. All our dogs get proper exercise and attention.

We feed the best dog food.... The premium dog food we feed is chemical free and does not contain animal blood, (some brands use animal blood to make the food tasty for the dogs). Due to these recall problems and the current foods on the market, we decided to get our own dog food manufactured. I found a manufacturing company that has not been part of these recalls and all ingredients are from America. We have worked with their pet food nutritionist and our veterinarian to develop a formula specifically for large and giant breed dogs. This food has more of the important ingredients the large breed dogs need, in order to be certain we are getting the best food for our dogs and your puppy. This food will be available to you and can be shipped right to your door. There will be no more confusion about what food to get you large breed puppy or adult dog. We know what these dogs need and this is the only food we use for our dogs. There are also puppy vitamins, large breed adult vitamins and joint supplements. Everything can be ordered online at This premium dog food promotes proper growth, joint and bone development, that is so important in the large breed dogs. Also the skin and coats are shinny, healthy and odor free. The best dog food cost more than the cheap foods. Our dogs never get table scraps.

Did you know that some foods will promote muscle growth?..... If this is done at the growth stage of the puppy, the bones and joints will not develop enough to support the weight of the muscle, then you have joint problems.

Worming..... Our puppies start getting treatment for worms at about 2 weeks old. All puppies get worms and need treatment to insure proper growth during the early weeks. We use the proper combination of different treatments to be sure all varieties and their life stages of the parasites are eliminated.

Personal Note: We are always looking for different bloodlines that will compliment the ones we have. We recently purchase a puppy from Florida. The dog came to us full of worms, and they were not feeding the proper dog food and the leg joint development was not right. It took us over a month and a lot of money to get this dog healthy. A new puppy owner may not have recognized these problems and the puppy could have died at an early age or there would have been major joint and/or hip problems because of the poor joint development because of the food.

Vitamins..... Our dogs and puppies are given vitamin supplements to ensure good health.

Imprinting.... this is something that starts from birth. Handling the puppies and getting them used to people and being handled. When people get our puppies they comment on how sweet they are and are not afraid of anything. This is part of the process in the early weeks of raising them. This is not your typical kennel where your puppy doesn't get picked up until he goes home with you. All puppies are given regular exercise outside in a large fenced yard.

Finally..... Breeding a quality Doberman Pinscher, or any dog, is really an art. You don't just grab two Dobermans and start breeding them, this is irresponsible! There are many things to consider before you start breeding two dogs. Conformation, size, bone structure, agility, temperament, etc, etc. If you just try to breed a large dog there are other problems that can come up. Agility and hip problems to mention a couple. This takes experience and a good eye to know what to look for in your breeding dogs, Suzan is one of the best at recognizing conformation in breeding dogs.

Top quality is not the least expensive..... All of the above takes experience, time, exercise, premium dog food, proper worming procedure and vitamins to provide you with the best puppy possible. We accept Visa-M/C-Discover and will accept payments to help with your purchase. It cost more for the best, but not that much more. Are you and your family worth the little extra??

Q. How much is shipping?

A. Shipping is very reasonable. To ship most any major airport in the country, the cost is about $325. This includes airfare, shipping kennel, transport to the airport, a small bag of food in case there is a delay and the puppy needs to be fed. (Even with the increased fuel cost we are not raising the shipping prices at this time). We make the complete process simple for you. We will take care of everything to get the puppy close to your home, all you have to do is pick up puppy.

  1. The price may vary slightly depending on kennel size and weight. Puppies shipped after 10 weeks old will have a higher shipping cost, they require a larger shipping crate and the shipping cost is more.
  2. The price will vary when shipping to Canada and Mexico
  3. We always try to have the shortest travel time, non-stop is just about impossible, there is always a connecting flight. This is better for the dog. Remember, this is the first time he has been away from his litter mates and he will be scared and wanting your attention.
  4. Dogs are shipped with current health certificates issued by a licensed vet.

Q. Do you give breeding rights for your dogs?

A. When you buy a Desert Legend Doberman, you receive AKC registration, with limited breeding rights. This simply means that our business is not for sale at this time. If you breed your dog, the puppies cannot be AKC registered.

If you are interested in buying this business, including breeding females, a stud dog, domain names and websites then please contact Suzan. There will be an agreed price with non-competitive agreements.

Q. I have always heard that the Doberman Pinscher was a viscous dog, is that true?

A. Back in the 50's and 60's that was somewhat true. It started during World War II. Adolph Hitler saw the superior qualities and intelligence of the Doberman Pinscher. He bred them for war dogs, looking for the aggressive nature and breeding for that quality. He nearly ruined the breed with this aggressive breeding program. Thanks to the careful and responsible breeding of the future breeders, they bred out the super aggressiveness in these dogs, taking nearly 30 years to do this. They still have the protective instinct, agility and speed that make them the wonderful breed of today.

Q. Do I need to train my Doberman to protect me as a guard dog?

A. No! Remember, the Doberman Pinscher is the only dog that was bred for personal guard and protection. You will just need to bond with your puppy and love him/her, when they sense danger their instincts will take over,  they will stand between you and the danger to protect you. Read some of the testimonials and the information in the "About Breed" section. However, basic obedience training is highly recommended. Your dog will be large when fully grown, without proper obedience he could be hard to handle. There is advanced training available, such as attack training for K-9 police units and military.

Q. Should I get the ears cropped? Is seems like it hurts the dog.

A. We highly recommend that you get the ears cropped. 1) This gives your dog that "Doberman" look. This warns people that you have a "Doberman" for your personal protection. 2) The ear crop protects your investment. If something changes in your life and you need to sell your dog, you will be able to get more money and sell the dog easier--this provides him with a better home also.

Ear cropping was originally done so people could not grab the dogs by the ears. This is now the traditional "Doberman" look.

The ear cropping can be compared to cosmetic surgery that people have, such as a face lift. There is some discomfort for a few days, but after the healing the end result is very satisfying. The ear crop is done at 7 weeks old. They are sedated for the surgery. We are one of very few breeders that will spend the extra money to give the dogs a pain medication for the 3-5 days after surgery. This medication is expensive but, Suzan's concern is for the comfort of the dogs. There is some work required for setting the ears. We provide an instructional slide show to guide you through the ear setting process. The whole process takes about 4-6 weeks but is well worth it.

Q. Will you do ear cropping if I want you to do it? Is it cheaper if you do this?

A. We don't do the ear cropping myself, we have our vet do this. There are 2 vets in our area that I would recommend for this procedure. Our vet uses the laser procedure. We are very happy with the results. If you want us to handle the ear cropping, we can do this for you. Here is what I (Suzan) will do for you: I will take your dog to the vet for the cropping procedure, I stay with him in surgery. The dog will stay with me for 2 weeks. I will care for your puppy after surgery and give him/her the pain medication for the next few days.  I will clean the ears regularly and set the ears after 2 weeks, just before shipping.

We get the ears cropped at 7 weeks old, the ears heal for two weeks before they are set the first time. Then the puppies are ready to go to their new family at 9 weeks. The puppy should require ear settings for the next 4-6 weeks and we will help you with this. We currently have a complete instruction sheet with pictures that will show you the procedure for setting the ears. Then we are always available for assistance by phone.

Note: All puppies that get the ear cropping done by us will include the following: 1) all materials needed to complete the ear setting process, a complete instruction manual with color pictures to assist you with the ear setting process and phone consultations as needed to help you with this.

The cost of ear cropping may be slightly lower priced if we get them done here. You can check with your local vet on his prices. However, we know the quality of work being done by our vet.

Q. If I live in an apartment, should I get a Doberman?

A. No, but there is an exception. Doberman Pinschers love to run and require a lot of exercise. If you are an athletic person and go jogging every day then this breed may work for you, we have one customer that has does this and has had excellent results. But ideally having a fenced yard is best for your dog.

We have one customer that does live in an apartment, however he takes the dog to work with him every day and had daily visits to the dog park for exercise. These two really love each other and are always together. We see him every couple of weeks.

Q. Will my new Doberman get along with my other pets.

A. Yes, usually! When raised as a puppy they usually get along with other dogs and cats. However, if you have a medium to large dog you'll need to protect him until he gets a little larger (3-4 months). We have a 3# Chihuahua that was here first. She has never been hurt by any of the adult dogs. (You can see this dog sitting with "Zeke" in the section of "Our Doberman Family"). However, you will need to be sure your Doberman doesn't get too aggressive when maturing, you need to make the rules.

Q. Why should I buy a Doberman Pinscher from you?

A. If you are looking for a Doberman Pinscher to show in AKC events, then you shouldn't buy from us, there are many excellent breeders that sell show dogs, we don't---our dogs are too large for A.K.C. show standards, however, all of our foundation stock started from show stock to keep excellent conformation and balance. Our dogs can be used to compete in agility and Schutzhund, there will be a cash refund for winners of these events. The Doberman Pinscher was bred as a personal guard dog, (see "About Breed" page) and many people want a larger Doberman for this job, to be more intimidating to potential intruders. Check with your local police, they will tell you that a good watch dog is a better deterrent than any home alarm system you can buy.

  1. Our dogs are the largest AKC Doberman Pinschers in the country!
  2. Suzan has over 30 years breeding experience to be sure there is proper conformation, balance and temperament. If there is not this proper balance and conformation then you start having health problems (hips, legs etc.).
  3. We do not line breed. (ask Suzan for a good explanation of this).
  4. We do not raise "Albino" (White) Dobermans.
  5. We have found a combination of a sweet disposition, intelligence, size, conformation, speed, agility and beauty to make our dogs truly superior.
  6. Check out our testimonials, people do love these dogs and are happy with the service we provide them.
  7. We receive phone calls regularly with great comments about the puppy they got from us.
  8. We care about our puppies and the homes they go to.
  9. The puppies are handled regularly and socialized with larger and smaller dogs. We have a Brussels and a Chihuahua that play with the puppies so they get used to small dogs. See the Testimonials page about how well the puppies get along with the families and small pets.
  10. When you buy a puppy you get: An A.K.C. Registered puppy, Vet Certified Health Certificate, our policies in writing and proper care and feeding instruction of your puppy, all pups have: dew claws removed, tails docked, 1st and 2nd set of shots and there are 4 wormings done with different formulas to assure you that your puupy arrives parasite free. An invitation to call us with any questions regarding your puppy.
  11. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, PayPal and a payment plan that will fit your budget, call Suzan for details.
  12. If something changes in your life and you have to delay getting a puppy then your deposit will be moved to another litter.
  13. Our dogs are loving and will protect your family with their life.
  14. You get our honesty and integrity backing every sale---we do what's right to take care of you and your new puppy, it's not about the money it's about the heart.
  15. All of our dogs are super healthy. There have never been any health problems of any kind with any of our dogs. We have the grandparents on site in some cases.
  16. We will help you sell your puppy if something changes and you new to find another home for him/her. (There will be some charges that apply).
  17. You get more for your money.
  18. See above "Do your dogs cost more than other Dobermans?" There is information there about what we do that cost more to provide you with a great puppy.
  19. When you get a puppy from us your puppy will have been well socialized and will have a great personality. They have been loved since they were born.
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