The only dog specifically bred for personal protection.
The only dog specifically bred for personal protection.
The only dog specifically bred for personal protection.
The only dog specifically bred for personal protection.

The #1 Breeder Of Doberman Pinschers in the United States


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Our Doberman Family


This is Jack, one our largest ever stud dogs. Great disposition as all of our dogs have and perfectly built. He is 32" at the shoulder and weighs about 130#, a truly superior Super Size Doberman. He has a litter of beautiful puppies here now that are available.


This is "Viper" and he really is that awesome and is our future stud dog. He is now 30" and 120# at just 13 months old. We are planning on Viper to be the replacement for Nitro when he retires. This guy is not afraid of anything and just keeps coming back when another dog challenges him, yet he is very gentle and loving, he also loves to travel. We will be breeding him to some of our girls coming up. Watch for his breeding to be coming soon.


"Gemma" is one of our new girls. Picture shown is just after she had her puppies, but you get the idea, she is beautiful. Right at 27" at the shoulder and 88#


"Mercy" is our largest female at 29" (shoulder) and 94# and a real beauty! Sweet, playful and her parents are Faith and Legend. She looks just like her mother. She is big beautiful and fast, also playful, sweet and a good watchdog.


This is "Regina", named after her mother Reign. The sire is Lobster, now retired. Grandsire is "Nitro", now retired and the Grandmother is "Anna" (European), now retired. A beautiful sweet and loving girl, she was bred to "Vinny" also from Europe. Puppies will be due about the end of July. Call Suzan to reserve one of these puppies.


This is "Maxine" Another beauty from the Anna/Nitro. Anna is the retired female from Russia. Nitro is our superstar, supersize stud dog, now retired, but the exceptional bloodline continues. She is bred to Viper, puppies due the end of July. Reserve yours today, call Suzan at 928/567-2266


This awesome beauty is "Ana", named after her mother; "Anna" (from Europe, now retired). Her sire is the superior stud "Nitro", also retired. However the beauty and size of the magnificent bloodline continues. She is 29" and weighs over 90#. Ana has just been bred for the first time to Vinny from the "Beatlejuice" bloodline from Europe. Vinny has sired one litter so far and Suzan was very pleased with the offspring from Vinny. These puppies will go fast so get your reservation in ASAP.


This is "Vinny", he is from Russia, the "Beatlejuice" bloodline. This is a highly respected and much in demand bloodline by breeders in Europe. Beautiful lines and conformation. Not as large as our bloodline but sleek, solid muscle. Good prey drive and loves the ball. Suzan knows what females to breed with him to maintain that superior size we have. He sired one litter with excellent results, beautiful puppies and the owners are raving about their pups. He is currently bred with "Ana" and "Reigna". Don’t wait to reserve your puppy.

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